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Losing a loved one is one of the toughest things to experience. Your mind, body, and spirit are in need of comfort and love, and we at RLEXT understand how important it is for the family and loved ones to be together, free of additional stress during these times. It would be our pleasure during such a time to offer our condolences and support, not just with words, but with action.

At RLEXT we offer several vehicles at a fraction of the cost that many funeral homes offer for our funeral transportation service in Washington, Dc. It is our mission to provide a calm, safe space for you and your loved ones at this time.


Our 14 passenger Mercedes Benz Sprinter is perfect for accommodating large groups who want to be together as they travel. Its large size also makes it easy to access for people of all ages.


Our Chevy Suburban’s are also great options to accommodate smaller groups.

Allow RLEXT to lift some of the weight off your shoulders in the most trying times. Book your funeral/burial transportation in Washington, DC with us.

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